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This week we have two brand new series (for us) released!

Gamerz Heaven – Chapter 09
Haou Airen – Chapter 44
Desire Climax – Chapter 40
Yoru Made Matenai – Chapter 12
Monster Soul – V02 Chapter 01

As always you can get our releases on our LiveJournal.


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Desire Climax – Ch39

Ren-ai Shijou Shugi – Ch35

Gamerz Heaven – Ch08

Haou Airen – Ch43v2 (fixed some errors with the chapter).

There was a question earlier in the week about why some releases (Ren-ai and Haou) are bi-weekly when some (Desire Climax and Gamerz) are weekly. Release times are dependent on two things, how often the translator can give a script without exploding from over work and how many pages I can clean and/or typeset in a week without my hands falling off.

The answer on the first one is up to the individual translator. The answer to my hands falling off is roughly 100 pages of typesetting and 120 pages of cleaning before my hands hurt. I did close to 140 pages this week just for typesetting and I’m feeling it. I cleaned most of that, plus advanced cleaned two more chapters so that came close to 160 pages. That’s a lot for one person to do in a week.

And we have several cleaners helping (oh man do they help and I love each and every one of them for helping!) I love the whole staff in general, they usually have to avoid my overabundant love slobber. *nods*

Also, we have a forum now. http://awillfulmuse.myfastforum.org/ Come on by to discuss the latest chapter releases! I still do the releases on the main “site” at Live Journal. It’s just comfortable for me. 🙂

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This week on LJ we have:

Haou Airen – Chapter 43

Gamerz Heaven – Chapter 07

Desire Climax – Chapter 38

Haou Airen is going to be a bi-weekly series so expect the next chapter in two weeks. 🙂

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A Willful Muse


I set up awillfulmuse as a scanalation team with the sole purpose of finishing fan translating neglected completed series and helping to “catch up” on-going series that have fallen behind. I depend on the kindness of strangers for translations as I am unable to translate most languages I find raws in.

The Active Projects:

Love Monster by MIYAGI Riko – In Progress
Gamerz Heaven by MURAKAMI Maki – In Progress
Love Celeb by SHINJO Mayu – June Project!
Desire Climax by UKYOU Ayane – In Progress
BxB Brothers by UKYOU Ayane – June Project!
Ren’ai Shijou Shugi by MINAMI Kanan – July Project!
Ringo Hoppi no Koi by USAMI Maki – Coming Soon!
Wandal Wandering by MUKAI Natsumi – Coming Soon!

The Completed/Retired Projects:

Soul Eater by OOKUBO Atsushi – Retired!

The Rules:

1. These are scanalations done by fans for fans. No form of profit is being made by the work provided here. I’m not looking for one and no one else better be either.

2. Whining, begging, bitching or holding my cats for ransom will not speed up my release schedule. I’m going to truck through as fast as possible, but I actually want to be…readable. You know, the whole point of why I’m doing this.

And my cats are ninja’s. They’d mess you up in a second.

3. Keep the credit page in with the release. I don’t care if I’m credited, but I’ll be pissed as all hell if the poor translator isn’t acknowledged. I’m depending on the kindness of strangers here. What kind of kindness is it if you’re tossing out the page that gives the props?

I’m sure I’ll think of more later. Otherwise Happy Reading!

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